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I created a Item A . Inventory = 0. Replenish ment process = Production.I created a sales order for that item qy = 10 shipment date = 11/30/05And I created another sales order for that item qy = 10 shipment date = 12/31/05. The item A has Bill of materials B, C. B, C both items quanity are ZERO.When I run the plaaning worksheet with option MPS. It created the two sales order lines.That is ok.But I want to calculate the rawmaterials for that item B, C Now I select that MRP and run the now it is not giving any values.But is giving some message YOU MUST DECIDE WHAT TO CALUCLATE.I am following this example based on the Plaaning chpter in Manufacturing maual.So please tell me how to know rawmaterial quantity to produce the item A

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No idea what the message is, have you modified this?

Firm up the suggested planned orders, then run the planning worksheet again to get the purchase requirements. Or a combined MPS/MRP will generate all

Thanks Mr. steven,

No , i am working on cronus standard database .

So it is not possible to select only MRP ?

Then how it possible to know the rawmaterial to produce that finished product ?

what is the best method generally u prefer while selecting MRP, MPS.

Do i need to select Both ?

or which one ?

please throw some practical explantion based on your valuable implementation expereience .

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Lets do this the other way -

  1. You tell me what you are doing, what your settings are and how you are running the process to get the message, then I will comment on it.

  2. You tell me what business scenario you are trying to match, then I will tell you how I would process it.

Otherwise I could be giving you examples until the end of time and none of them will mean anything to you.

Additionally try setting the system up and running the plan with different settings and seeing the differences between plans - doing it yourself is the simplest and most effective way to learn.