MRP with the forecast


I have Item A . Inventory = 152. on 10/7/08. It is Finished good . It has bill of mateils

I go to Production forecast for this item A , date -17/7/08 - I entered quanity = 162.

No when I run MRP with the forecast 2008 and given the ending dates are 10/7/08 and 17/7/08 . when run it is showing 20.

Why ? it em card for the item A does not have any parameters .

Now I changed the ProductionnForec ast = 45 and I run with above dates .

It is showing = 3 .

Why ?

I am not getting how it is calucalting ?

Not e : - this item does not have any Production orders .

Thanks and regards

Start with a new item

Set the forecast up on a location

It also sounds like you are date setting your plan, set the order date prior to the forecast and the ending date beyond your last demand.

The basic calculation is to plan to make for the forecast if you have nothing else. Any changes to this will be due to other mixed mode demand and order modifiers.