MRP training video

Hi, Anyone know any good training video of MRP module for Business Central?


If you are looking for a video, below is a link for a session that we did at Summit 2020. It is a video about MRP. If you need handouts or more information I can walk send over my handouts.

Hope this helps.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for sharing. For handouts, do you mean you offer some training ?


I hear the presenter in that session is really good (and humble)!

For user training, you should be reaching out to your Partner of Record. These forums are not to be used for partners to generate engagements.

You might check the Microsoft Learn as well, it can be a good resource for learning different topics on Business Central. Here is a link specific to Business Central Topics:

Best Regards,
Ben Baxter

Hi Baxter,

I’m Sorry since I’m new to this forums and don’t know about this

Will take note. Thanks for remind.

Hey @Ben_Baxter / @Sam_Cheong,

It’s just fine what you did, Sam. Asking someone if they offer training and Steven or Ben responding is fine IMO. We want to keep the level of spamming unsolicited offerings down, but if someone is actively seeking training or help, I don’t have a problem with a partner or consultant responding.

Have fun out there!


It was an amazing session and great comments returned about the session and speaker :slight_smile:


Summit Sessions in 2020 were virtual so hopeful this give you some in-sight from the information in Ben’s Session. The handout is just the PowerPoint shown in the recording.

As Ben noted, start with Microsoft Learn. It has tons of pre-recording videos on topics to learn BC.

Lastly, always check with your Partner who should be able to train you on MRP and the functionality.

Hope this helps.

I like this video…
Business Central Planning Worksheet

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