MRP- scheduling helper


Can anyone pls explain to me how the AX master planning - “scheduling helpers” work?

What is number of helper, item distribution factor, track item process duration?

What should be the propose value for number of helper, item distribution factor?

The below info are extracted from the HELP but it is too technical for me. I do not understand it.

Ability to run concurrent processes. Master Planning “Helpers” have been introduced to allow users to run parallel processing, by multi-threading parts of the process. This reduces calculation time since items on the same BOM level will not necessarily conflict with each other and can therefore be distributed across multiple processes and run concurrently. The users can define the helpers at the start of the planning process. The requested number of helpers, the actual usage (depending upon available batch servers) and information about their usage are then added to the plans session log.

The item distribution factor then splits the items it has to process across the helpers by the factor: The program calculates the number of items by using the following formula: (# of helpers + 1) * Item distribution factor

If you tick the track progress you can analyse the planning run into processing rounds, giving you a better view of where the time is - this is for fine tuning performance really

Do anyone use tis before? Pls advice. Thanks.


Scheduling helpers will speed up your MRP process. You need to match the number of helpers to the logical processors on the AOS. We use the default of 20 for the distribution factor. I recommend playing around with these to see what works best for your environemnt. We went from over 8 hours down to 3.5 hours with 4 helpers.

Hope this helps.


Dave, is there some doc that tells you how to set the helpers?



When we setup our Master planning with 8 helpers and 20 in the distributation factor it calculates not correct. Yes it runs much faster but instaed of making 10000 planned purchase orders it only makes 100 ?? Why is that ?

Do you use PERIOD coverage group setting? How about your coverage time fence?

So the only difference in your setup is the number of scheduling helpers, right? If yes then it sounds as a bug.