MRP-Refling Warehouse- Issue


We have a scenario as mentioned Below

Warehouse 1 - ( Stocking WH) - Refling warehouse is Blank

Warehouse2 - ( Production WH). -Refiling Warehouse mentioned as Warehouse1

Item - A Warehouse configured as below - Item Type - Production

Purchase warehouse - Warehouse2

Storage warehouse - Warehouse 1

Sales warehouse – sales-wh

BOM Line for Item -A, Wh configured as Warehouse2

While running MRP, if any Demand for Item-A, It’s Looking for stock in warehouse2, then checking on Warehouse1 since it’s refiling warehouse.

The problem what we have is if the stock not available in both Warehouse, it’s creating planning production in Warehouse1, but as per the BOM Line. we would like to create a planning production orders in Warehouse2

Kindly advise, how to create planned production orders to BOM Line warehouse, not in Refling warehouse.

How does the stock ever get to warehouse 1 where “stock” is? You make it, and the source warehouse is ultimately warehouse 1 but where is the demand in 1 to ensure it does not tell you to make at 2?

Not clear to me your scenario. You mentioned purchase, production, storage, sales and BOM line warehouses but only warehouse 1 and 2

Anyway, you should understand that refilling is actually a transfer of demand from one warehouse to another

If Warehouse1 is the end of the refilling line, as you describe in your example, than there is the point where a planning order will be generated if stock is not enough (purchase or production depending on your item default setup)

If you need to override the warehouse refilling rules you may want to use Item coverage setup

Here is a simple way for warehouse planning:

Define: SalesWh , ProductionWh, StorageWh

ProductionWh is the place where you store the materials used in production (BOM line as you name it)

I would set refilling like this: SalesWh refilled from StorageWh, and ProductionWh refilled from StorageWh, too

Define the production BOM to use ProductionWh as raw material picking warehouse

Any demand in SalesWh will check for missing stoc in StorageWh.

Depending on the item setup, a planned purchase order or a planned production order will be generated in order to cover any missing quantities

Because your BOM lines are linked to ProductionWh, Planned production geerated for StorageWh will create demand for components in ProductionWh. Missing components in the ProductionWh will require to be transfered from StorageWh

An extra level for PurchaseWh make sense when you receive goods in a warehouse far from the plant otherwise assume to levels of transfers may occur for the same goods.

If you need to control the goods at receiving and consider only the checked quantities as reliable, you may use Quarantine or Quality order generation at product receipt

got it. Thanks for the good advice! I appreciate it.

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