MRP - Purchase per Production Order

Hi, Business Case : sales orders are created for items with a production BOM and routing. Out of the sales order a firm planned, released production order is created. MRP runs to scan component needs. I would like purchase orders to be proposed/created per production order/supplier combination. So for 1 production order I would get for example 2 purchase orders (because components needed are to be purchased from 2 different suppliers). If I have 1 supplier for all required components, this would give me the nice advantage of the fact that I create one and only one purchase order. The supplier would deliver me all on 1 pallet, no need to put all of this in stock. When production wants to start they just take that pallet and start … no need to go into inventory. Very little handling (cost) if you ask me. I can not tweak the standard to accomplish this (I’m pretty sure), but can someone suggest some customisations on a 370 platform ? Bye.

Nobody any ideas ? I checked version 4, and there it is available I see. Nice feature. The only thing… I can not downgrade it.

Hi You are asking to customise the standard routine to propose fufilment for a particular order. If you are coding this you would be better off posting in the developer forum. Have you looked at the “Order” replenishment system?

Ola, If I can solve it with the standard I would love too. But setting it to order might give me a requisition line per order. That’s OK (although I can no longer set safety stock then). But then I still get purhase order per supplier and not per supplier - order combination and that’s just what I’m looking for…

As standard you are going to be disappointed from what you describe as you want an automated system to plan on a per order basis, but for you to also hold safety stock. You can get the system to plan directly from a production order, although you need version 4 and I am not a fan of the processing behind this, but it may help you. Load the production order, go to Order button and planning, select the function to calcualte the plan. This will actually show you everything, but the theory is if you do this after every production order you will only see the required plan for that one. Select make orders and this will create purchase orders, production orders and transfer orders.

Ok, thanks