MRP in planning worksheet

Hello Navision users ,

I created a production order of a FG item, with 2 items in its BOM, and I don’t have those 2 raw materials in my inventory , so I’m supposed to have a suggestion of a purchase order of those items in the planning worksheet , but I don’t have them. I don’t know what is the problem , because when I created a new purchase requisition and calculated the planning the items showed in purchase requisition , I don’t know why they don’t appear in the planning worksheet .

thank you

What setup do you have for calculation? I think you can attach the screenshot + what status of production order do you have?

the production order is planned firm , for the finished good (TPF1), the reorder policy is order , the manufacturing policy is make to order , for the raw materials (TMP1 & TMP2) the reoder policy is lot for lot fixed reorder quantity for TMP1 and lot for lot for TMP2

TMP1 and TMP2 are supposed to appear in the planning worksheet

Two check questions. Do the component items get planned when you run both MPS + MRP? And is there any demand for these items besides manufacturing (sales or service orders for example)?

those items are new , I created them to test , no sales orders for them , and I tried to run the MPS+MRP using forcast , I got results of suggestion of orders for the for the forcast , but no result for the production order

One of the items (the one with “fixed reorder qty.”) replenishment system has stockkeeping units, so it’s hard to say anything about the setup here, since if an SKU required for the production order, exists, its setup will take priority, and item setup is ignored in this case.

As for the other item - it should be planned if the demand exists. Check demand for both component items - “Item availability by event” action from the item card.

I checked “Item availability by event” , I have a demand for the two raws material items , and I deleted the SKU and recalculated the MRP planning , still no result .

thank you for your help

Then your setup looks perfectly fine.

You are using some customization or an add-on (purchase requisition is not standard NAV functionality). Could it be that this customized function affects requisition planning? Are there any modifications in codenuit 99000854, or table 99000853?

What is the Planning Flexibility set to on the production order lines and/or production order component lines?

the planning flexibility is unlimited , could you please tell me its effect on the worksheet planning ?

I’ll check this part with the technical consultant , although I don’t think there’s any customization

There’s actually another possibility that slipped my mind - at least, for the “lot-for-lot” item. If you don’t have any demand for the manufactured item and it’s included in the requisition planning, the planning engine should suggest to cancel the production order, and its components with “order-to-order” binding will not be planned. But it does not apply to “fixed reorder” replenishment - it should be planned with no regard to the production order, since inventory is already below the reorder point.

But for the sake of experiment - if you run planning for just two component items, and for all three of them, including the manufactured item, are the results the same?

yes ,I get the same result even when I run the two component items and the manufactured

In Manufacturing Setup, select “Combined MPS/MRP calculation”. This will enable you to run both direct and indirect demand in the Planning Worksheet in one go.

yes it worked with combined MPS/MRP calculation , but the only the MRP calculation since I have production order .