Hi All,

Client wants to use the planning worksheet.

Problem is on the calculate regenerative plan.

Here’s the scenario:


Location: Blue

Reordering Policy=Lot for Lot

Leadtime Calculation: 60 days

Safety stock=120

Inventory on Hand: 80


Location: Blue

Forecast: January 2014 = 90, February = 110, March = 120

WORK DATE= 1/1/14

When i run the calculate regenerative plan,

it shows the following:

Warning Order Date Due Date Quantity

Exception 11/2/13 1/1/14 130

New 12/3/13 2/1/14 110

New 12/31/13 3/1/14 120

If planning date = 1/1/14 or the work date, why would the system display order dates of 11/2, 12/3, 12/31 which are obviously no longer possible. Is there a setup that will say, given your situation, start order today, 1/1/14, so that it becomes due on these future date xxx (using the lead time).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is simply NAV’s way of telling you that there is something wrong with your request. If you have said in your production forecast that you need 90 in by January 1st, then you need to produce 130, and since the lead time is 60 days, then it must start on that date. Even when it’s not possible. Then you need to manually adjust the suggested lines.