MRP - Future dates

Hi all,

What is the difference when running Master Plans and Dynamic Plans in terms of future dates? It looks like we may have differenet dates but I dont know how and when this can happen.

Please any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

Static is the last time master planning was periodically run, dynamic is as elements are entered or processed, like the CTP calculation - there is no difference in the future date calculation, but there could be a difference is the demand - supply chain balance. If you ran both from periodic the return would be the same UNLESS the plan itself was configured to act differently in the base plan settings.

Ok. What do you mean " If you ran both from periodic the return would be the same" ?

What is the reason that " Requirement date " is different on Master plan vs Dunamic plan for the same planned order ?

I mean the periodic option, rather than how the Dynamic plan gets updated each time you create an order etc.

The requirement date will be different because the Dynamic plan has more information at that time, but it is not the SAME planned order, it is a different planned order to meet the same demand.

The idea of the master plan is it remains static to enable the plans the window to react to a fixed plan before the periodic process is kicked off again, the dynamic plan however changes with the items change in supply and demand to give a dynamic picture to the user.