MRP errors - Any MRP error logging?

Is there any way to have Navision log MRP errors and continue with an MRP run? We’re running Navision Attain 3.60. A simple oversight such as a blocked vendor, one missing Unit of Measure code is enough or an un-certified BOM is enough to halt the MRP run before completion. I’ve written a report to scan for these “snags” but I have not been able to anticipate every problem that may halt an MRP run. We have a fairly complex BOM (8 levels, @2000 raw materials, @2000 sub-assemblies) and it takes several hours for the MRP to run. Is there any hope? Thanks.

Hi Dave Not as standard I am afraid. You are currently being proactive with your report, which is one option, another would be to modify the code to allow teh run to complete, and present you with everything that would have caused the run to stop. You’ll need some developer input at this point [:D]

Thank you for quick reply Steven. Hopefully Microsoft will add MRP error logging to a future version of Navision.