MRP action and future message


What is the main different between action message and future message?

If i activate the Action and Future message in the Coverage group setting, the result show after MRP run may display both action and future message for the same record. It will confusing, which message should i refer to?

Kindly advice. thanks.

It depends in part how the system is setup, but a futurte message is activated when the requirement cannot be fulfilled in the timescales given, so you the customer wants it on the 4th, the system plans and you will get a message saying this cannot be done until the 10th, the future message would tell you there is a 6 day delay. Then there would be an action message telling you to potentially move the order out by 6 days.

They are independent as you do not need both on, they are also related, and you can use future message dates in action message calculations.

Ultimately action messages tell you to do something, increase quantity, decrease quantity, move date. A future message tells you that you cannot meet the demand requirements on a date basis. The manual is quite good on this if you read it from memory.