MQSeries and Navision

Has anyone implemented a connection between IBM Websphere MQSeries and Navision. The problem I am having is setting the Correlation ID, which is a 24byte Array, and I can’t directly assign a string, nor will Navision allow me to assign a Char Array[24]

hi, we have a connection MQ Series - Navision, but at the moment we don’t use the correlation ID. However it is on the todo list for further jobs. Have you already solved this? — edit — I just got an idea. Have you tried to set the correlationId of the outgoing message with the MessageId of the incoming message directly, without temp variables at all? PutMessage.CorrelationId := RecMessage.MessageId(); best regards feri

Hi Feri, At the moment I have not resolved this directly in Navision. I have however worked on a Wrapper object to allow us to set the CorId I need to specifiy the CorID exactly as I need it rather than from a GetMessage. I had a look at MessageID (to see if I could set it as “CorID”, pass it to the CorID with MQMsg.Corid := MQMsg.Msgid, then clear MsgID again) but it appears that the MsgID is the same Datatype as CorID. Have you been able to set MsgID? Tony

Hi Tony, atm I’m quit busy with other things, so I was not able to test this [:(]. Yes, MsgID and CorID should have the same datatype. In our case we should be lucky, as there is a C-Program, that creates MQ-Series Messages, and in Navision we just have to read them, start a calculation and then send a reply. So we don’t have to create a MsgID or CorID in Navision at all (done by the C-Program), just copy it (well, thats my hope [:D]). best regards feri