MPS Pushing out Dates Too far in the Future

I have AX 2009 and am having a problem with MPS and the dates it is generating.
Specifically regarding Production orders

My setup:
We Have Production 1 module so there are no routings involved

The items all have coverage Plans attached to them Set as Min/Max
For all manufactured items
Tthe lead time is 7 days
Fullfillment is Todays date & procurement time
Coverage period is set to 30 days and Coverage time fence to 240 days (but I have changed this to every Possible number to see if anything changes when the MPS runs but No results)

No Forecast is set up

Coverage Group: is set to Requirement

(This is mainly for our purchased items since we get them from China and that is under a different site and is set as the
Main Warehouse.
So Basically when the items reaches the Min Qty in our US warehouse it geterates a purchace order in the China Site)

I hope this is all the info you require

Now my problem is is that when I run MPS it is scheduling the Production orders Way into Feb 2013

My first thought was because the Production Item Had BOm parts that needed to be purchased and that is why the date
is pushed out.
However None of the lead time of the components as more than 75 days
Yet the production order is set to 2013

No matter what fields I change EG Time fence, Explosion ,ETC the dates are still 2013

I even Ran MPS for a Production Item Where are the components are in stock and still the date is 2013

Our standard calendar is loaded with worktimes for 2012 and 2013

Can Someone please tell me Why the dates are being pushed so far in the future ?

Thank You

Look at your coverage group for manufactured items, tell us what your Negative and Positive days are.

Can you post the net requirements?

What is creating the demand?

Any transport definition?

Any safety margins on the plan or coverage group?

positive days =365
Negative days =0

I can’t post the net requirements There are too many It is doing this date thing for every manufactured item I have
But If this helps… Some of the items in the BOM need to be purchased from China
But even with those the Max leadtime is about 75 days plus 30 days for the transfer order
to move it from the China warehouse to Our US warehouse So 105 days in the future should be max Which shpuld bring it to October 2012 Not Feb or March 2013

The demand is being created from the Min Max Fields on the coverage plan

we are not using Transport Module

No Safety margins are set up