One of our divisions makes capital equipment (guages to measure the thickness of metals). We have installed 4.00. We are trying to use MPS and MRP. It does not work; for example: re-order quantities are incorrect; purchasing suggestions are made twice; suggested order dates are incorrect. So I have 2 questions. Does any one know of a site in the UK or the rest of Europe that is successfully using MPS / MRP from 4.00? Does anyone know when a working version of MPS / MRP for 4.00 will be released? Does anyone know why MBS have released product which is clearly ‘unfit for purpose’. I know, I know, that was 3 questions - but no one is perfect!

Hi Yes I have sites successfully running MRP/MS on version 4.00. Are you using the Maximum Qty reorder policy? This is the one they really have failed to get working, but none of the sites I am involved with use it. Have you reported all of your issues and scenarios to MBS? Many fixes do exist, and where they have not heard of the combination they will naturally not be fixing them!

Steven, Thanks for the prompt attention. Running 4.00 with manufacturing patched to SP1. Re-ordering Policy is lot-for-lot. Re-order cycle is set (ranges from 4w to 12w) Safety lead-time is ‘usuall’ 5D. There are some order multiples There are some Safety Stock Quantities. All problems reported to MBS via current partner - who have been active with support, if unsuccessful. This is a critical issue for my organisation and are interested to discuss support and development in the future. If you have the time you can contact me directly - mail and number in my details.