MPS/MRP - The Date Is Not Valid

Hi all,

We have encountered a problem with certain items when running MPS/MRP and have not be able to identify the reason. The error messages received in the planning log says “The date is not valid” . When changing the starting date of the MRP to either before or after will not result in these errors and enable me to run the MPS/MRP without date issues…

Does anybody know what triggers this problem, what the issue is and how to resolve it?

Looking forward hearing from all you cleaver guys.!!


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This is normally due to a lead time / setup issue. Can you turn on the debugger and see where the error occurs

We have run into the same or similar issue - changing the starting date doesn’t resolve it although if we run it for specific items we do not get the error - although that same item will have this error when run wide open. Anxious to get this resolved.

We get the error only when we run it for all items - and it takes about 10 minutes to run - so running the debugger isn’t a good option for us.

Hi John

Why is debugger not an option if it only takes 10 minutes to run and will help you solve the issue rather than grope around in the dark guessing, especially as you are anxious to solve it. To be honest even if the run took 10 hours I would still say run it with debugger on to try to isolate the cause.

There is nothing listed with Microsoft so I suggest you report it to your partner to investigate with the data and either resolve or push to Microsoft.

The report takes a while to run and although I haven’t tried the debugger, I would expect with the debugger turned on it may take many hours to complete and since this is at a remote site it isn’t a very practical option for us (even though we may end up needing to do this).

I appreciate your suggestion but I was hoping to hear from someone who may have experienced the same or similar issue, maybe someone who was successful using the debugger, and they might have some clues as to where we can narrow our search for the cause.

I wouldn’t expect it to be data because the error doesn’t occur if we run it for a single item - and since there is a 3rd party product also involved, MS likely won’t help if they can’t replicate it.

I had a similar situation where planning crashed and it produced an error an hour into a two hour run, we turned on debugger, this highlighted the area, and it did this when the error was encountered an hour in. It was data related. But that is my memory of it and I am not a developer, so I would suggest using the debugger as your starting point, it will only trigger when it hits an error.

Hi John,

This would suggest the opposite to me. If it is working for one item then if it doesn’t work for another item then it would suggest a data setup or that the modifications do not handle a certain setup. If you are running remotely can you not “terminal server in” and run the debugger that way running locally or get a local user to turn on the debugger and give you the results.

I didn’t believe it was data related because when we run it for all items - we see the error on an item - but when we run it again for that same specific item - we do not get the error. It seems the debugger process may be the way to go - but I had hoped to hear back maybe from the person who originally logged this issue to see what their results found - or anyone else - as I get the feeling this error message isn’t an isolated incident.


The “similar situation” we had was running it for all items caused an error, but the individual run did not on the item. Debugger was the way to go, although I am sure it was related to some data corruption in the item table but this was years ago so the details escape me.