MPS/MRP Run related to duedate demands

Hi All,

When we set the routing run time in the routing for various opertions for processing particular item and run the MRP/MPS, according the due date requirements system plans the net requirement for all the BOM components along with the Parent item.

As one of the BOM component is used in other parent item for which due date is different a seperate planning line with the net requirement as on that date will be formed for this BOM component with due date as still further in past.

As far as the client’s scenario is there they would like to know the net demand of a particular component by comparing on hand inventory but not as per the system planned dates.

How to achieve this one. Can this be achieved with set up itself or it involves any customisation in coding.

Case Example:

Part A on hand Inventory as on 01/05/09-----------150 No.s

Part Due Date Qty

A 20/03/09 100 ------------------ for the parent item B

A 20/04/09 200-----------------for the parent item C

In the above case, when run the MPS/MRP, system plans the above two lines.Physically inventory is available 150 No.s as on 1st May.

I would like to know by doing any setup can we change the system to plan 50 No.s only when we run the planning as on 1st May.

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Sorry what part of this am I missing? You have 150, you need 300, why do you want it to plan 50 rather than the 150 it is correctly suggesting?

Is this to do with your BOM structure because it is not really clear from your explanation.

Hi Adam,

I think the following may clear the issue.

When a particular component is used in many items, demand lines are generated for the component with different due dates as per the requirements projected by the system. We are using backward scheduling of production. Since the machine centers are occupied with orders, the due date for the component goes to previous dates/months.

Next, we expect the component to be manufactured from various prod. ordrers, that is supply source documents, which are due in future.

e.g demand requirements for the components in various orders goes in Feb 2009,January of 2009 and few are in the month of March 2009.

we expect supply of the same components from prod. orders in the months of March and April 2009.

The qty which are supplied in march and april months are more than the component requirements in the month of march.

System Net Requirement: System Plans planning line for a qty. in the month of January 2009 to produce somany qty.

My question: 1) When we have sufficient/more qty getting generated in the months of March and April 2009, why the system should plan for the component in the month of January?

2)If physically Qty is there in the inventory then irresepective of dates system considers it as available qty and reduces the net requirement. SImilar to this can we make it to consider for the prod. orders quantities also i.e. supply sources also.

Can this be achievable by doing set up or it needs customisation of the planning?

My observation on this:

Assuming that we are not giving any run times for the operations and planning is done. Since there is no question of loading onto the machine centers no question of geting in to previous dates and planning the compoenent requirements according to those dates.

And hence it works similar to inventory on hand and generates the net requirement without any confusion.

Pl give your comments on this scenario how to achieve without keeing the run times ‘0’.


Sorry still cannot see what the issue is if you have your items set correctly and understand the parameters, so I will presume this is not the case.

Assuming we have a component that is due 10 a week for the next 12 weeks you are saying that you want planning to produce 3 orders in monthly buckets under the assumption you need them? Is this correct as a summary of the requirement?

The demand of each item will be driven by the parent and the planned order, so assuming you have these configured and the routing set correctly then these dates will be accurate back scheduled from the demand. This then means it is all dependent upon the item configuration and the stock. Of course it will always plan for everything, so if you do not want to see the September planned orders deleted them from the suggestion, or close the run prior to this. Also if you have demand 5 months ago that is not fulfilled NAV will plan for it, it is simply the way it works.

I suggest you tell us the demand profile of one item, what you want it to do and all of the planning parameters on the item so we can tell you why it is not doing it, or if indeed it can do it.


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Sorry for very delayed response.

While planning system considers the Physical inventory available upto the “Ending Date” mentioned in the options of plannigworksheet. Irrespective of due date genrated on the planning line, system considers the physical inventory available and plans for the net requirement.

Where as in case of any open prodution orders available for the item being planned, it considers the due dates and arrives at the net requirement without cnsdering upto the Ending dat of Planning engine.

My requirement is, can we apply the same logic of physical inventory (considering the eding date) for the available production/purchase orders/reorder levels also?

Hope, i could communicate properly.

I would like to give proper example, if still i could not cmmunicate you properly.



The short answer is “No”

You will need to modify the system to enable it to treat physical inventory in a different manner similar to the production. The problem obviously though is you have physical inventory now, so it is correct to consider it available for use until the ending date, however if production is after the ending date and you have demand it will not consider it and tell you to make more, because your demand is outside the remit of your supply.

From my understanding I would not modify it, but you obviously know more about the site and requirement than me.