MPS and SKU vs. Item

We just upgraded from 2.6 to 3.7 and are experiencing some growing pains. While running the MPS regeneration, it seems to work well and creates the correct action messages when a SKU has been created for an item. The documentation states that when a SKU does not exist for an item, the MPS regeneration will use the item parameters to create action messages. BUT . . . . while running the job it appears that the system completely ignores the parameters on the item card and gives us all sorts of funky action messages, including action messages for locations that have no demand or production scheduled. Has anyone experienced a similar problem??

Is the “Components at Location” field in the manufacturing set-up blank? I seem to remember this causing an issue when SKU’s and non-SKU’s were mixed, set this to your “main” location and re-run the MPS and see if it makes any difference. With 3.7 there were early known issues with MPS - no idea how many were resolved - what hotfix are you on?