Moving of work center

Dear All, I would like to ask you about moving of work center, like moving of machine center from work center task list. I mean when I open work center, click planning → task list – > functions → move… → machine center list, why isn’t it work center list ? any replies are welcome. Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark This looks at all of the machine centres associated with the work centre you have accessed the planning form. What are you trying to do here?

Dear Steven, Tks for your reply, I wonder if I want to move work center contains 3 or 4 production orders if it is overload meanwhile the work center is not a consolidated of machine center. Could I do it ? I mean if I have two work centers, and one of them is fully overload (load > 100%) and then I move some production orders to other work center but not other machine in the same work centers, Rgds, Mark