Moving Navision 3.6 database to file server

I am going to move the navision database to a file server. I am creating a backup, creating a new database on the file server and then restoring the database. I have tested this with a client configuration. We have a service running on the original server that will do the processing etc. How do I change the service to point to the new database? Is there anything else I need to change?


Hi Valda,

Is the service you’re referring to the NAS service that is part of the Navision product, or the database server service? Or, something else perhaps? And are you only moving the database itself to the file server and not the database server, or is that going to the file server as well? I ask only out of concerns for performance. I’m assuming that you’re using the native NAV client and server, but if you could confirm that, it would be helpful.

Is this native or sql?

Are you saying you are just moving the database to a separate machine.

Hi George,

Thank you for your reply. I am referring to the NAS service. I am only moving the database to the file server and am wanting to keep the database server on the original server. We are using the Native NAS database, client and server.

Hi there,

This is Native and I am wanting to just move the database to a new file server. (Storage device)

Sorry this is the database server service.

You can’t do that. Database files need to be local to the database server service.