moving items between companies

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if a firm has differents shops, Would be it correct if I treat these shops as different companies?, if it`s, how can I move items between these different companies?.

Item reclass. journal can move item between locations but they must be in the same company.

Is there any journal which use a IC code or anything similar?.

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You can’t move items between companies but you can “simulate” item movements by invoicing between companies using intercompany features. If you want to move item from company A to B, create and intercompany sales invoice from A to B.

You should also look at Responsibility Centers and Warehouse features its recommended way to doing it. One common error that I have seen a lot is forgetting item in transit when moving around between warehouses, when you use intercompany some times it’s difficult to detect such kind of errors.

If a Firm is one legal company, then it should be one company in Navision, and the shops should be locations.

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yes, it`s a legal company but its shops (franchises) are companies too because they have different VAT registration number so I suppose I must set them up as customer with a IC number or something like that.

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yes, you can that method.