moving in Subform by Mainform Code

I want to change the selected Record in the Salesline Subform (Form 46) with some code in the Mainform (Form 42). The only way i found is to use a function in the subform 46 : function GeheZu(Line : Record Verkaufszeile) GET(Verkaufszeile.Belegart,Verkaufszeile.“Belegnr.”, Verkaufszeile.“Zeilennr.”); CurrForm.Update This function I call from Form 42: CurrForm.VerkaufZeilen.FORM.GeheZu(VerkZeile); The following happens: The destination record is selected (that is what I want), but the data of the record that was selected before the function was called was copied into the selected record, e.g. the selected record was line 10000, after running the function the selected record is line 50000, but all fields are overwritten with the data from line 10000. I don´t want to copy any data, just want to move in the subform. The same effect happens if I try find(’-’) or find (’+’) instead of GET(). Is there any way to move in the subform like I want? Thanks, Andreas

What happens if you use CurrForm.Update(False)?

After CurrForm.Update(false) the selected record is the record that should be selected and no data is modified or overwritten. That´s exactly what I want. Thank You very much. Andreas