Moving from a Windows 2K machine and Sql 2K to Windows 2003 (64bit) and SQL 2005 (32bit)


We need to move our Navision database server from a Windows 2K machine + MSSQL 2K to Windows 2003 (64bit) + MSSQL (32bit)

As suggested by our Tech support for navision we created the logins (for existing users in the 2K database) on the SQL 2005 and then restored the backup from the SQL 2K to this new machine.

The database was restored fine but when we try to login it gives “Login failed” error. Can someone possibly suggest what is that we are doing wrong here?

Also, is there anything we need to keep in mind before the move, we are running Nav 4.0?
Is it compatible with 2005?
When restoring do we need to import it as a backward compatible MSSQL 2000 db?

Kindly advise


First : if you have a 64bit machine and OS, also take the advantage of using 64bit SQL2005! You solve a lot of memory-switch-headaches and gain performance.

In SQL you need to open each user and give it public rights on the Navision-DB.

Upgrade to at least 4.0SP3 with latest hotfix! See my favorite blogpost .

Give your DB compatibility level 90 (SQL2005).

PS talking about performance : DON’T USE RAID5! And give you DB and TL separate and dedicated spindles.