Moving fields from tab to tab

I’m using Axapta version 2.5, and I want to be able to move some of the fields from the Invoice tab to the overview tab in the Invoice Journal of the Purchase Ledger. Any ideas? Thanks![:)]

Hi Brigid, In 2.5 you have to do this in AOT. You have to modify the form LedgerJournalTransVendInvoice. Drill down the tree through Design and Tab until you get to the TabPage:Invoice. From here you can either copy then paste the fields onto the TabPage:Overview\Grid:Grid, or simply drag and drop them there (I think copying leaves them on the invoice tab page). Then save and compile the form. I hope this helps. Regards Phil Dawson

I’m sorry Phil, I’m an absolute beginner here - what exactly do you mean by AOT? Feeling really ignorant here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

AOT is the Application Object Table. I think you need help from someone who knows much more about Axapta than I do.

Thanks for all your help so far - I just wish I was a bit more knowledgeable… Can anyone else help a complete ignoramus like me?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hi brigid, Please dont get me wrong, but if u need to do some modification of such kind then there is only one way – that is through Application Object Tree (AOT) in axapta. So please go thru the AOT help and developers guide which is available thru Axapta help menu if u have a developer license. wish u all the best regards vaibhav pednekar

Hi Brigid, To start you learning experience you should checkout the Axapta e-accademy at , you can then decide if you need some followup training from your solution centre. Regards Phil Dawson

Hmm! Can see that I’ve got a lot to learn! :wink: Thanks a million guys!

yes brigid will help u to get the basics and then use the developer guide. we all have lot to learn, so share the knowledge, the more you share the more u gain. regards vaibhav pednekar

Hi folks, Just tried the link to but got a 404, same with referenced on another post. Has this been withdrawn or is it a temporary glitch? Regards, Les Shippen

hi les the training site is up & running normal. it is i just logged it out regards vaibhav pednekar

Thanks Vaibhav, Managed to connect OK. Regards, Les