Moving customization code from test into production

Hi Experts,

Good day to everyone!

I’m wondering about code move from test into production in ax 2012 R3. I have no idea about code migration test to production.

I have done a customization in test environment. How to move code from one to another environment.

I have no idea about this migration. Please help me to complete this process.

Give me a easy understandable steps.

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Here is the documentation you need to familiarize yourself with: Deploying Customizations Across Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Environments (White paper).

Also, test environments are for testing. If you use your that environment for development, you’ve turned it to a development environment and therefore you’re talking about moving code straight from development to production, without verification any test environment. You really should think again whether it’s safe or you should do some testing (I really think you should) and whether it makes sense from the deployment point of view.

Hi martin,

First we customized the process in DEV environment only after the approval only we moved into test environment.

I didn’t done the code movement from dev to test.