Moving ALL Items from one location to another

We are wanting to move all our inventory from one location to another as we are closing a warehouse. I know it can be done with a Transfer Journal if you put in the Items you want moved, but is there a way to move ALL items in a location to another location


Go to Inventory Management – Inquiries and reports – On hand list – Put the required warehouse number where the inventory movement is required, once you have the list, download it on excel.

Now go to Inventory Management – Outbound orders – Transfer Order – Create New – provide the warehouse number (FROM to TO) where the transfer is required. Add a transfer order line and open it on excel add in.

Now add all the required warehouse inventory date from on hand downloaded file to transfer order excel add ins file and publish it on D365.

Now go to action pane and select ship and generate picking list, then do picking list registration, go to updates and select update all, handling status will change to completed from activated.

Now ship the transfer order, the status will change to Shipped.

Next Step:

Go to Inventory Management – In Bound orders – select the transfer order (Transfer Number 000054) and open it and go to receive on action pane and select receive. Status will change to receive, and inventory will move to the warehouse no 13 as required on the transfer order.