Moving a whole project from USR layer to BUS layer

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I have a few questions regarding the movement of projects from one layer to another.

The issue is as follows: When we started developing in axapta we took the USR layer so until today we are still developing in that layer. Now comes the issue that all the development we’ve done should be moved to the BUS layer so that it can be correctly implemented at the customer. The problem is that references between the project items will be lost as when they are moved to the BUS layer they are assigned new IDs (belonging to the layer’s range of IDs).

Does anyone have any suggestions as how to resolve this issue? Any ideas will be greately appreciated!


In theory there is no problem: export the objects from the current project (USR), then import into a new project/AX-installation using BUS.

But - as you state yourself - if you use references to object-Id’s you may have a problem. Or is it a problem? Isn’t it just a task? I mean - use some time to change the references; may take a while but it will probably pay off.

One way is to change references in the export-file (open in Notepoad); first perform an import to get the new id’s assigned, change references in the XPO-file/s, then import again.

If you have data-records referring to record-id’s in a “live-and-running-installation” you have another problem which must be handled somehow manually. But it can be done…

Thank you very much for the reply!

I guess a try can proof that!