Movement Validate Financial Dimension

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Please help me, I’m facing a problem in Journal Movement. I need to check the Financial Dimension when I clicked the “Validate”. However the current procedure of movement is only check the Financial Dimension when I clicked “Post”. Is it possible of checking in Financial Dimension insert in Validate.?

As of now when I clicked the Validate the Journal is OK, Please see picture

And when I clicked Post the errors shown in info log please see picture

what I need is to show that error upon clicked the “Validate” or insert the code that checked the financial dimension.TIA

I think ledger journal has this functionality. Please see if you can investigate the approach and use it in case of inventory journals.

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I appreciate your answer to my question. Is it possible if you give me sample codes to validate the Financial Dim using the ledger journal?

Hi, i haven’t looked into the code. You can debug the code to find out how the ledger journal handles it and see if the same can be applied on inventory journal. I hope it will be validating voucher rather than the financial dimension.

Hi, Actually I can’t debug the code because my dynamics don’t have access to breakpoints the code, so for me it’s very hard to input code in validating of voucher.

You need to have the debugger in place in order to trouble shoot your code and investigate how a particular process works…

Thank you for your immediate reply. I tried to install debugger to investigate the codes on how to process works.