Movement journal

Hi All

i have entered the opening balnce of the some item through movement journal.I have just enter and validate that not posted.But later i deleted them before deleting i have taken the backup.Now i want to enter the same data.Can i tranfer(insert) the whole “Inventjournaltrans” table from the database backup which i have taken before deletion.This is the only table or more table i have to transfer from that database to current one.

please advise me as lot of lines are there i cant enter that and no time


yes … you can transfer the table or restore the database as a separate backup and create a job to insert inventjournal trans records from the backup db. Hope it works.

yes it works, i transfer the data through SQL query (Insert Query) but i want to know do i need to tranfer any other table data also

instead of using sql insert query … read the lines in x++ jobs from backup and insert it in journal trans because recid may create any problems. No need to use any other table.

can u explain me wht is X++ jobs as i am new in AX

by looking at your points and no. of posts, you should have known axapta jobs. Anyway, axapta job can be used to write a piece of code in X++ for achieving the functionality or testing a functionality. If you are aware of Dotnet then it is similar to a console program used to test sample codes.

Its better to enter it manually or use a template and import the data so the template can be reused.

Not only the recId problem - When ever you create any inventory journal it has to create a transaction in InventTrans and update/inserts in InventSum and if you are using dimensions it need to insert in InventDim if it is new dimension combination. When such an action is done from back end these things will not happen. It is not good thing to update directly from data base.

Kranthi… i agree with you but my idea was like this

  1. restore the old backup
  2. Create a new job in x++ of axapta
  3. Read the old journal lines by using odbc connection
  4. Insert into journal lines to new or existing journal

By this, all the transactions in other tables will also be created. Is the procedure okay?


Kranthi and Sayeed, i know back end practice is not good untill u know the whole process and the of course the table.

@ Sayeed: I am new to AX and directly start work on it, i dont have any certification or proper training just doing of my own by reading and by u people helps.

Anyways, i have entered the journal line from SQL by Inserting the table from older database.and its seems to be ok as i Validate the journal also it is not giving any error.And i think Sayeed if do this by X++job it will also the same as i did with query.Now please tell me what should i do as the line that i have to enter are so many and i dont have time to enter it again.

If i do that with template, that means i have to take the template from older database then import it to new one.Then of which table(s) i have to select while importing.

And Sayeed if i do by X++ job can u tell me the whole procedure and the code.If possible

i have deleted the inventjournaltrans table and reenter the data through data loader.After finishing the data entry when i click on validate the on movement form under in use column their is round circle of blue color and yellow arrow may be the sign of updating it is coming form last evening.And the lines post button are disable.I have restart the server also but no effect.Please tell me the problem

Check if the journal is locked by the system…

Manually keying it populates the inventtrans table - how are you creating this record? Is the log button active and can you press it to see the error?