Movement journal reverse

Hi All

I have created the movement journal with 100 line in which 9 lines entered with wrong cost amount and posted .Now i want to delete those line.As i am able to delete the lines but its ledger transaction is as it i, Can u help me in deleting this lines and its total impact zero in transaction it was not created. Please help me.


I think you wil have to do the 9 lines negative with the same cost (the wrong cost) and them ad them again with correct cost.


Item Quantity Cost

xxxx1 -1 100 (incorrect cost)

xxxx1 1 150 (correct cost)

yeah check with that also but the cost amount become zero as soon as i fill the -ve value

thanks its works, actually on form amount is showing zero but when we post the journal it is reversing with the same value.

thank you very much for ur kind cooperation