Movement Journal data import Error

I have imported some inventory data with dim values into movement journal. When I validate the journal comes as O.K. but during the posting the system is throwing error " Cannot receive because inventory transaction with status ordered , reserved or registered entry are insufficient" i.e. the standard error. I am not using warehouse neither I have reservation enabled.

I am using AX 2009 SP1.

try giving warehouse and then post. because when i try to validate it asked me for Dimensions and warehouse.

Does all the lines are showing error?

check transaction for revservation.

What is the Receipt Stautus in Inventory Transactions?

Enter the same line manullay and try to post it.

You cannot just import it into the movement journal, the InventTrans table is populated when a line is entered into the journal and the import has to replicate this, otherwise you will get the above error.


You to obtain to finish its importation, you will have that to ask for some developer to create a tool that creates the lines in the InventTrans when launching the Journal.
Murilo Oliveira.


While doing Import process of opening balances stock in AX (Movement Journal Stock Update) you need to fill the required details in the following tables

  1. Invent Journal Trans
  2. InventTrans
  3. Invent Journal Table
  4. Invent Trans Posting

You have to import the above said table with details filled and also “Receipt Status” field in the sheet should be filed with the option - "Ordered"

Best Regards,

D. Praveen kumar.

Hi D. Praveen kumar,

As what I know, the transaction is registered in the table InventTransPosting after to only post the Journal. Therefore the posting of the Journal has that to be made same in the importation of data.
Don´t is this?
Murilo Oliveira

hi Murilo

Follow the procedures what Mr.Praveen told.

After entering your data into Exported Excel template, in Receipt Status column select ‘Ordered’

and import template and post. the transactions.