Move Time / Wait Time / Queue Time

Whether I increase the Move Time / Wait Time / Queue Time on the first, middle or last operation, the effect is the same on the Start Time of the whole routing. Shouldn’t Move Time be redundant on the last operation? Alastair

Hi Alastair The move time is the time the items are in transit from the previous operation to the current operation at a machine/work centre, so in other words the time from the penultimate operation to the final operation, so I would argue it should not be redundant on the last operation (depending of course what you last operation is in reality, but then if you do not want move time, you do not enter it).

Fair enough, for the Move Time. And I found that Navision (3.7) handles Queue Time sensibly too. Unlike the other fields, QTime can only be entered on the Machine Center card, so it will affect all operations that use that MC - the Queue Time gets added before the operation - except if it is the very first operation on the routing. So consider a routing that uses MC-A several times: OP-1 MC-A OP-2 MC-X OP-3 MC-A OP-4 MC-Y OP-5 MC-A If Queue Time is set to 10 minutes on the MC-A card, then 10 minutes will be added before OP-3 and OP-5, but not before OP-1.

Hi Alastair Not sure if you have a question here or not. [:D] Anyway this looks to be by design, although no answer is in log AU-758-125-H72S it is the issue in 3.60 and carried over to 3.70 (although not 4.00). You would need to discover the official response to this log (fixed in 4.00 perhaps?). If this sort of queue time is critical can you not have an initial routing to a work centre that is not really done, akind of preparation for first operation work centre.

Hi Steven, sorry for not being clear - everything does make sense now, and Navision’s handling of Queue Time is just what I would want. If a client does want Queue Time before the first operation, they can use your solution of a dummy operation. Cheers, Alastair