Move Nav Native DB to another server


There is a situation, strange and critical, but it does really exist and want to find a solution without wasting the time on how it reached this state.

Navision 3.6, native DB of 250GB (yes 250GB, as I said dont want to discuss how it reached this, inherited from one to another), HP Server DL380 G1, windows 2000, very old that even no USB port exists, RAID 1+0 is used.

How can we move the DB to another server ? simple question but very difficult answer!!

Appreciate your soonest reply.

You will need to install C\SIDE database server and configure it, not only copy the .fdb file alone.

How to do it - it’s too lengthy to write here, but, if you have Navision install CD / DVD, in Docs directory there is w1w1ism.pdf describing the process step by step. If you do not have the disc, here in Downloads section you can find either disc image or maybe the .pdf file - chechk yourself.

It is irrelevant for which version that document is, there are no changes for CSIDE (Native) database & server between versions, so if you can’t find a matching version CD, take some other.

BTW - 250Gb is normal size, nothing extraordinary…

the issue is how to copy/move the DB to new server. Normal restore will take 5 days(tested) and this much cant be offline for the retail business.

You don’t have to make a backup and restore it. You just have to move the actual database file, then point the Navision service to its location. You could either copy the file directly to some sort of external storage (I saw you have no USB ports, but this could be a shared drive / FTP / etc).

You could even directly remove the hard drive from the first server and put it in the second ( I guess, I’m not really a RAID / Networking type of person).

It is possible to copy the FDB-file(s). But after doing that it would be smart to run a database-test - just to be sure that things are ok. At least a minimum-test.

If there database is in several files you may have to open the database with a command-string stating the full path and file-name of eah file (like “fin.exe database=c:\somewhere\File_01.fbd+c:\somewhere\File_01.fbd+c:\somewhere\File_02.fbd+…” etc).
But the commandstring cannot be an endless one - perhaps you reach a limit; one solution for this is to copy/move the database into a simular (exact) directory-structure as the current one; each databasefile contains information about other files,

We have tried to copy past the database files ( 4 files) and it will take like more than 70 hrs. Hotcopy didnt work on a mapped drive. Taking the HD out to the other server will not work due to Raid 10 (hope that anyone can confirm this)

we are testing the option of having a new DB on the new server using the normal restore procedure which will take 5 days but keep the current server running. Once restore is done we try to replicate the data to the new DB and may use export/import for other data as well.

Although still looking for a better option if available.

What is your network speed???
Third a TB volume of ~700’000 small files (which in general takes more time than a handful of big ones) we copied from one extHDD to another in approx 4 hours… It was done via USB, which you haven’t - but buy two Gigabyte NICs and connect the two servers with a crosslink cable directly. Today’s smart NICs even can use normal Ethernet cable, no crosslink needed…

If you mean SQL replication, it is not a good idea - in general, direct Navision SQL DB manipulation almost 100% leads to corrupted data…

the same as above - you need to import through intermediate tables and process the data from inside Navision to trigger the logic, which will be bypassed if you try to insert data DIRECTLY into Ledgers etc.etc. with T-SQL script