Mouse-pointer changes to grid-adjustment

I hope someone could help me with this problem. We have a customer on 2009 Classic. Since last week, when a user start a list form, it is not possible to select the cells in the upper 2 rows. When positioning the mouse-pointer in one of these rows, the mouse-pointer changes apperance to a column-adjustment-pointer. From row 3, 4 and so on, there is no problem.

A screen shot might help for the issue you are experiencing.

2 images to illustrate the problem The pointer changes from row 2 to 3.

On row 1 and 2 (the pointer looks similar to this):

On row 3, 4, 5 and so on - the pointer looks normal and I’m able to Select the cell

What’s the build version ?

2009 R2 (6.00.33210)

Any upgrade perfomed last week? The problem comes out only on one list (standard/custom?) or on every list?

All the users are affected or just a few? Does it happen also if you apply some filters in order to change the first 2 records?

There has not been any upgrades recently. Application runs in Citrix environment and I have asked the hosting Company to look for any changes they may have added (got no answer…). The problem exists in every list-form for all users. The use of filters have no effect.

Sily question…did you try deleting one user’s zup file and make him/her retry?