Most of classes got errors!

Dear all,

I installed a new MS Dynamics AX Instance with a new (Database, Application files, AOS…)

then i installed the SP1 Update then the SU3 Update, I compiled the application files and do step by step the initialization checklist and its all good!

we always do the customization in a local Instance(Updated SP1 and CU3) then moving them by the standard Import tool.

it maybe happened twice when i do a cycle any where it gives me a class error, i tried to select some of classes in the AOT and compile them, i figured that some of these classes got so many errors. its so weird since we are installing new Instances with the same steps and we got no errors.

I checked the Kernel version it is 5.0.1500.1313
Application Version 5.0.1500.1313

It means that i have the SU3 Hot-fix as i know. Im so sure that i compiled the whole application after i installed the Updates and i tried to compile it again (Initialization checklist tool) and the same problem is there (SO MANY ERRORS IN CLASSES)

Its weird because i installed so Instances before with a customization too and it didn’t happened!! Wondering what is the problem …

Many thanks,[:)]

Does these errors are something related to dateflags enum?


You mention you have installed other instances with customization without any errors.

This mean there is something wrong with the installation where you get errors. Therefore instead of trouble shooting, I would suggest you to start again by installing it from scratch.

Best wishes,

thats what i did and i have no other choice

many thanks~