More updates to the website

Dear members,

A few more updates have been done.

  • As per request the forum threadlists now shows number of views. But as you migth see, then the number of views are not displaying correctly yet. There seams to be an error in the batch jobs that updates this number.

  • On the front page we now have a list of Most Recent Jobs.

In the bottom of the frontpage you can also see a new “Most Recent Forum Activity” list. When I feel we have “the rigth” layout, then this box will replace the current. And then we can split the Blogs posts/comments and the Forum posts/replies in separete boxes as requested by other members.

Please let me know what you think.

Looking good.

Just a couple more things.

1/ Could you alos and #views to the Active Threads page.

2/ With the TAGs box. I know this is standard in CZ, that the font is larger depending on how often it is used, but I think it would be nicer to read if it just used the standard underline that the other boxes use.

Ad 1) Actually we currently still have an issue with updating the view#'s - so I’m going to wait a little before updating the rest of the pages. The fix should come from - but then I would love to add this.

Ad 2) Personally I love this box. I think it’s giving life to the page. And also a lot of information. And as you also see this type of boxes in many other sites, then it’s only a matter of time before everyone will ask for this.

But when that has been said, then I will once again ask everyone to remember set your TAG’s to everything you post. Thanks!

No I love the box, and use it a lot, PLEASE KEEP IT, I am just saying that with the random fonts, its hard to even know which TAG is which. It would be much clearer is they were in a list like all the other boxes.