More than one prices for a customer ?

Hi all, Is it possible to assign more than prices for an item to customer? Our client needs to assign different prices for an item for one customer. The price is depend on the their customer’s customer. They are producing construction materials and their customers are construction materials wholesalers and customers of their customers are construction companies. They do special aggrements for the construction companies in different prices with their customers (wholesalers). They ships their products directly to the sites of the construction companies and invoices to wholesalers. They don’t want to enter sales order prices manual. I have tried to cover this case by using contact management and campaign pricing, but I couln’t. Is it possible to define a pricing policiy to handle this case? Thanks in advance for your help Dinçer

Hello Dinçer, Firstly, which Navision version is your customer using? You could try working around this scenario using Item Variants. Each Item would need several Variants, each representing one Customer’s Customer. Then use Sales Prices to define for each combination of Customer x Item x Variant (Customer’s Customer) the corresponding Unit Price. Does that make sense? Try it out and let us know if it’s somehow helpful.

Hi Nelson, We are using Navision 3.70. If we define item variants for each customer how can we follow these variants quantitywise? I mean if we define variants for each customer, we have to produce defined variants for this customer. But we don’t know the customer before the production starts. Dinçer,

Why did I think you would come back to ask something like that?.. [:p] It was an idea that crossed my mind as I was reading your post. In order to use it, you would probably need to do a negative adjustment on the Variant-less Item and a positive adjustment on the specific Variant Item. Maybe Steven Weaver will drop by for a comment. I’m a little out of my element on this End-User forum… Steven, help! [:D]

I think that better idea would be setting up you customer as a Bill-To customer and all its customers as normal (Sell-To) customers. In this case you can use standard Navision pricing for the sell-to customers (at least I assume so - haven’t tested myself ;-))

Use the Customer Price Group instead. Navision uses the Customer Price Group of the line which it copies from the Sales Header. The Sales header get’S it’S price group from the Customer. But if you display the Customer Price Group on the Sales Header you could even change it there. I guess you will need some coding for OnValidate of the “Customer Price Group” in the Sales Header to update the prices in the line when the Customer Price Group is getting changed, but anyway: I would give it a try.

Oh yes, I forgot the most important: Now you can assign prices for these price groups. IF you want to limit certain price groups to a certain customer you just need to have a new field with the customer number in the customer price group field and change the table relation of the salesheader to include a condition.