More than one AOS in the same SQL server

Hi everyone,

I have a requirement to create one more AOS instance with different database in the same SQL server. and I installed one instance sucessfully. but i don’t no the process to create more than one instance.

can enyone helpme out on this…



Install Application again by selecting only Application, AOS, Database and client from Installation window.

Hope It helps u :slight_smile:


As I know you can achieve the requirement

Install 2nd AOS(with different instance name) normally how you have installed first one .

Now you having 2 database, 2 AOS and once application.

Now if you want work two AOS ‘s create two AOS configurations(in Server config) one for each AOS

  1. Select Database1, AOS1 and application in configuration(in Server config) which you have created for AOS1 and click on apply button on AOS config. Now try to open the AX instance it will work.

  2. Suppose if you want to work with second AOS. Stop first AOS and select second configuration and select Datase 2 and AOS 2 and same application. Click on apply button on AOS config. Now try to open the AX instance it will work.

I hope it helps you to full fill your requirement.

Note: - Check in license for AOS’s. If you have license for only one AOS instance. it will not possible to install more than one AOS instance.



Thanks for your reply

Can you kindly let me know how do i install the second AOS (Ax 3.0). i am not getting the option for the second AOS installation. When i try the installaion it was asking modify,repair remove and there is no provision for adding an additional AOS.

i wanted to configure with 2 AOs with 2 different database on the same SQL server (one sql server)