More than 250 characters to an EXCEL cell?

Moin: Is there a way to transfer more than 250 characters to an EXCEL cell. I tried xlsheet.range ( xy ).Value := sheet.range ( xy ).Value + format ( 10 ) + s; without success. Any suggestions? Regards Uwe

I didn’t try it but the following works with e-mail body-texts so why not with Excel-cells? : Create an array of Text[250] st[1] := ‘This is my first part …’; st[2] := ‘This is my second part …’; … st[n] := ‘This is my nth part …’; xlsheet.range (xy).Value := st; With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Marcus: I followed your suggestions - but when saving this code I get the following error message: “Arraydimensions have to be identical” (“Die Arraydimensionen müssen identisch sein”) sound to good to be true :o) With best regards from Lower Saxony Uwe