More than 250 characters in a variable.

Can I put more the 250 characters in a text variable or another types of variables? With a BLOB variable perhaps or Bynary? How make it? Thanks !!!

Hello. There have been a lot of discvussions about this subject on the forum. Yes, it is possible and no, it is not possible. You can put more than 250 characters in a single variable, but this variable has to be a BLOB. But you will not be able to show the contents of it in Navision. When you want to work with text that contains more than 250 characters, you will have to split up the text in blocks with a maximum of 250 characters. You can search this forum for more information about it. Anolis Sittard Netherlands

Thats right. In Solutions 3.0 there will be a new data type that has got a variable lengths (and more than 250 characters). We must wait a little bit … Holger