more printer questions

I have one user how for some odd reason she can not print any more from posting. What I do is delete the que and recreate the que it works for a day then next day it does not work and I have do the process again … hopefule some knows how this works thanks

Dear Frank, I would help a lot if you could write what program you’re having a problem with. Or should I take the fact that you post you question in the “Open Subject” forum as you couldn’t find SAP questions in any other forums! [:D] But seriously we have many users here of many different programs. So a little more details please. PS: Also please notice that an NTR is a Navision Teritory Representive - in Canada the only NTR is Navision Canada (now Microsoft Business Solutions Cananda). I cannot see that you work for an NTR. [;)]

I thought this is a Navision open form… I have issue with Navision Attian where one user stop printing from posting to her network printer Then I delete the que and recreate and it works next day I have to repeat the process every day… If this open form is not the correct form which is the correct form to post this question. I not sure what you mean of working for the NTR I can only tell you every time I speak to the company who install it keeps tell me it is the OS fault. I find this very hard to believe since all other application include the DOS ones never have a problem. So if this is the forum please kindly help if not please state which one should I being post to.

You should be aware of that Navision is sensible to the “ne0n” which You can see at the end of Your Printer Name. If You alter You printers then NT/w2k renumbers Your printers and Navision can’t post and print. //Lars

Visit “” Replacement of incorrect ne-numbers They have modified the codeunit 1 that takes care of this problem. The fob is for version W1 2.50 (txt-version included).