More developer documentation from Navision?

I think Navision should provide a programming practices guide document. By not doing so, they cause the expenditure of many thousands of valuable developer hours in unnecessary learning curve time where each new Navision developer only has the example of existing code to study. There are no guidelines, no explicit rules for good design using C/AL, no explanation of how to effectively use virtual tables, no lists of pitfalls to avoid, few (if any) tips and tricks. With more documentation, we could all be more efficient. I’m sure, given the consistency and high quality (generally) of code that Navision developers deliver, that Navision has such documentation for internal use. That documentation should be shared with the certified Navision developers in the field. We are in essence, an extension of Navision’s house staff, in many ways as critical to Navision’s success as the internal developers. We should have access to ALL the useful development and design guiding documentation they can provide. To do otherwise, as they have done, is to waste a great deal of valuable resources that could otherwise be helping to generate for them (and us) more revenue. If anyone has any ideas how we might get Navision to act differently in this instance, please speak up. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

David, The C/AL Programmers Guide has some of the information you ask for. It has been available since 1995 :slight_smile: Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S Edited by - lstroem on 2001 Dec 16 10:17:20

Lars, You know how it is. If you read the manual 5 years ago, then nobody thinks of reading it again. Even if a new version was released. But you’re right, there actually is quite a lot of good information in that book. I just wish that Navision would release updates as they came, so that we the “old” Navisioners could read only what was new. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

David. I completely agree with your criticism again Navision regarding System documentation and the many hours we developers spend debugging programs to find out how things work when a simple flow chart could be of a great help. I all so have posted a few topics on these subjects. Lars mentions about C/AL Programmers Guide, it’s a great help when you are a beginner creating standard alone objects. It also describes how Navision works as a tool but it does not help to describe the interaction between programs and data flow between Tables in/around Navision Attain/Financial. Take for example Navision is built around many types of journals, but there is not one example in the C/AL Programmers Guide or flow chart on how to create and integrate one. It would be a great time saver to use new to Navision, to have a separate documentation describing topics like how to build application to integrate with Navision, flow charts how Attain/Financial is built and how it’s inside workings work. Relationships between objects and data flow. I would like Navision to spent a little more time on use developers so that we can skip this initiation period. Regards Graham. CBS Sverige AB +46(0)8 764 74 25

I have read the Navision Designers Guide from cover to cover…twice, once in 1996 and again in 1998/9. In preparing to raise this question for discussion, I reviewed the latest edition that was released with Attain. While this document continues to expand and improve, it does not address the question I am raising. The Navision Developer’s Guide is a good coder’s reference guide in that it documents most of the C/AL language. It is even a fair programmer’s guide in that it does provide some programming design guidance. But nowhere does it document or even discuss any of the structure of the application design as delivered by Navision. Nowhere is there any documentation of the flow of data, the use or suggested use of any fields, tables, forms or reports in the product. Some small examples of things I would expect to see in a Design guide: a) How to use the Integer Virtual Table to generate multiple copies of a report (as is done in standard invoicing) b) How the Aging Reports are designed to allow “backing out” applied payments so that you can run an Aging “as of” any date in the past c) A flow chart of the various Posting functions, showing which routines update which tables d) various coding examples, showing the Navision “standard” way for accomplishing a variety tasks e) recommended standards for various types of coding constructs f) a list of the data fields which have been included in various segments of the system specifically to be used in the field to support modifications (such as the Class field in the Item table) I could go on and on. My main point is that Navision corporate must have developed such documentation for its own internal use. Why isn’t that existing documentation shared with the Certified, Licensed Developers in the field? The benefits of doing so would accrue to Navision as well as us. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2001 Dec 17 18:20:54