Months filter

Hello, I am new in Navision. One column on my view has format date (MM/YY). I have problem with making filter. I need some filter of interval below this column. What’s correct ?
For example 01/09 to 09/09. I tried many reasons of writing (01/09…09/09 or >12/08&<10/2009) condition but every filter was wrong. Selected rows have had value last year - not only year 09.
Could you help me pls ?
Many thanks, luma

Hi Luma,

Welcome to the user group.

Is this view a standard view? If yes, what is this view called?

Otherwise check what format the field you are trying to filter has in the table designer. Sometimes a column like this might actually be a Date value which is only formatted to show MM/YY. If that’s the case then you can try to enter 01/01/09…01/09/09 instead.