Monthly sales report represent amount monthley proplem(aging recivable report)

Hi guys i need report to make monthly amount for sales every month as following

customer No january february march until december

ahmed 2000 5000 6000

I need this report per year

this amount represent total of debit

and amount represent total of sales every month

Can i do this from navision 2009 r2

How about Power Pivot or you can use Accounting Schedule. (Accounting Schedule like a matrix report generate ).

How you will do this by power pivot or accounting schedule if possible please

Did you try Analysis Reports available in sales & receivable.

define period in column under period formula.

FY[1] or FY[2] for every month.

For Power Pivot,

  1. Create a table (Calendar) in Nav, field has date, week, Month, Year…

  2. Open PowerPivot then grab data from “Sales Shipment Head” & “Sales Shipment Line”

  3. Grab data from table “Calendat” then link both table in PPivot.

  4. create Pivot Table from PPivot and select “calendar”-“Month” to “Column Label”

  5. Select Sales Name or Product Name to Row Label.

  6. Select amount to “Value”