Monthly Close Down


I was wondering if there was a way of closing down individual companies by month.

We prepare management accounts on a monthly basis and once a set has been finalised we want to restrict postings to that company for that month.


We have finanlised accounts for Co. X for 31 May 2012, so don’t want anyone posting to this company before 1 June 2012.

However, we are still preparing Co.Y accounts for 31 May 2012, so need to allow access to this company before this date.

I know there is the ability to restrict access by date, but this is across the whole of NAV, which is no use to us.



So you are saying you have multiple companies in one database and you want the ability to be able to restrict postings in one or more of these companies at any given time. Can we also assume you use the same username for all companies?

Yes that is correct on all counts

You if you go into the g/l setup and change the Posting From & Posting To dates in one company - you are saying it’s affecting the other companies?

You can also restrict the posting as per user .

Go to --User set up–>Allow posting from -Allow posting to.

Whichever user u want to restrict , specify from and to date against that user.


Faisal Bukhari

Savatage - We only have one database set up, which contains all our companies. Therefore if we change the allowed posting date for one person , they are not able to post beofre that date on every company.

Faisal - Thanks, unfortunately this doesn’t quite meet our needs, As we are a small team, we prepare several companies accounts each, and so restricting the posting by user, will mean that we are unable to prepare the accounts for the other companies, if we closed off this period

You need to customize according to your requirement.


May be you can create company wise different users if you have small team if possible.