Month wise no. series


I want to create Month wise number series. Like if session date is of march then it should be HDFC\BR\MAR\0001 and if it is of February then it should be HDFC\BR\FEB\0001.

Can any one help me how this can be achieved in AX.?



Hello All,

Can any one help me to achieve above mentioned number series.?

In NAV this can be achieved.!!


NAV is not AX [:D]

Manually you would close the existing one on the last day of the month, create a new one, then realign the parameters.

Pretty sure this was a modification in NAV, and it is a modification in AX, you would be best posting to the developer forum rather than the end user forum if you want to modify the system to achieve this.

Hi Jainal,

1.Create EDT

2.Extend it to your field

3.Add method to Parameter table for your EDT Reference.

4.Add a reference to your EDT in the method “LoadModule” of NumberSeqReference_Module class.

5.Create 12 number sequence in Basic->Setup->NumberSequences->NumberSequences, with

NumberSequence = 1 & Format = JAN-######

NumberSequence = 2 & Format = FEB-######

NumberSequence = 3 & Format = MAR-######

NumberSequence = 4 & Format = APR-###### etc…where 1 refers to January,2 to February,etc

6.Now run the number sequence wizard.

7.Now use this code to fetch the number sequence through Job to check.

Voucher vou ,VoucherSeq;


VoucherSeq = int2str(mthOfYr(today()));

numSeq = NumberSeq::newGetVoucherFromCode(VoucherSeq, true );

vou = numSeq.voucher();

8.Now you ll get the Result for your Requirments.

Thanks & Regards,

Britto John Baskar.A

Hi Jainal,

Int he AX2009 Standard, you can automate the date (day/month/year) in the number series and not only the month.


Murilo Oliveira