month per month Provisional Balance Report. ¿Best approach? NotAnswered

Dear all…

I’m trying to program in Dynamics AX 4 a new report that shows the Ledger Provisional Balance for all the month in a year.

I know I can get the data the same way the standard LedgerProvisionalBalance report does, as this just read all Accounts from the LedgerTable, and then calls class LedgerBalanceSum(AccountNum) to get the balance for every account.

Now I’m looking for a standard report that outputs some group of transactions month by month, so I can take it as a reference, but I can’t find any…

So far, the only approach I can think of is to use a TempTable where I load all the data, and then I print the report using it, but I don’t know is there is an easier way to do it…

Any advice would be much appreciated, I would really like to see an example of a month by month transactions report…




001 2300

002 5500


001 2000

002 3550