Monitor database usage and users


i’d like to monitor the databes usage and the active sessions, write it into a file once per day or something like that. But where can I get this information? Or are there ready-to-use-solutions somewhere out there?

Thanks in advance


I wrote a few tools for this: they are here Go-Live Downloads at the bottom of the page session monitor and disk monitor. I will upload them here later, but for now you cna just download them from there.

Hi David,

thanks for the tools. They are not, what I mean but they are interesting as well. What does the “Find ratio” in the User monitor mean?

Regards Ulf

What type of information are you trying to capture? You can tur on register time, if you want to see how long and when a user is active in Navision.

Database usage can be calculated by using the Tables Table Information and Database Information. In Table Information you must sum up the Field “Used KB” and then calc the percentage via “DB Size” from Database Information.

User Login Information can be found in Table User.

If you are running c/side there are 3 virtual tables you may be interested in:

Sessions - shows (by user) reads,writes, modifies, deletes, scans etc…

Database File - shows reads, writes + disk load

Performance - tests # of packets being sent to the server from your current connection

You would probably want to capture this data evey 5 seconds or so over a period of time for it to mean anything, especially in regards to Database File.

The tools were originally made so that I could track down performance problems. The find ratio, shows the ratio of number of records searched vs no of records found. It can help to find baddly indexed flow fields, and also it helps find users taht are not searching properly, and show them how to use Naviison more effiiently. The tools don’t ind the actual issue, but allow me to quickly track down where to start looking.The tools were written in Navision Financials 1.3, so I have been using them for a while now.