Module for Tracking Labor Hours on a Job

I am looking for a module(we have the jobs module but it is a little too much for what we are trying to do) that will let us track hours in relation to an item or resource line on a sales order, an example of what we do would be QC on some line items and not others and we want the ability to see which are profitable and which are not.

Thanks you for any assistance.

If you want to automatically being able to be inserted on the sales order after the hours was registered then the job module is the only way to do it without customizations.

That is one of the troubles of the jobs module, sometimes hours are put in after an order has shipped. Essentially we don’t want a hard link between the two(cant pick until job is complete). Right now we are using the jobs module just to record hours against themselves but want a little more detail without using BOM and item transactions. Customization is fine.

A couple details I left out. The labor is not rolled into the cost/price of the item so the customer will never see it. If we do charge service hours those are done through a separate resource line.

I could create it but don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is already something out there, here is how they envision it working:

Once an order is created or anytime after the process(once shipped/invoiced) lab techs can enter hours into their journal and pick the sales order and sales line and input hours.

On posting it would go to a labor account to be accounted for at the end of the year by global dimension code.

Well to me this sounds like a prime example on what you can do with the job module. I assume you’re not running a version older than NAV 5.0?

Nav 2009 R2, going to 2013 in the spring.

Well then the Job module would do just what you want it to.

Hmmm, are we just manually entering the document number into the job journal and just applying hours based off of a person as a resource? Is there a way to tie it to a line without creating a job for it? Sorry for the further questions, this is just very close to what we do now but doesnt seem to have everything, though I could see adding a field to the tables for order/invoice number and line no. as a way to do that if it is not native.