Modifying the Schema


Is there a way to modify the schema for this service to include the ‘OurAccountNumber’ field as I’d like to include that in the schema but I can’t figure out a way to do so. Any help appreciated! Thanks.

From Tools-> Development tools-> Application integration framework, Open the “Update document service” form.

select your document service class there and then click ‘OK’ with the options “Regenerate data object classes” and “Update AxBC classes” checked.

then refresh the services to see the newly added field to your operation schema.

  • Arun

Hello Callum,

First you have to modify the underlying query by adding the required field (which in this case is ‘OurAccountNumber’).

Then follow the steps Arun mentioned.

Hi Harish,

How do I find the underlying query? Is it in the Query tab in AOT?

Hi Callum,

The query for this service is called ‘AxdSalesInvoice’.

On an additional note, naming of standard AIF objects follow certain rules which are explained here - and here -

Hi Harish,

I found that and modified as stated. I added CustTable as a Data Source of CustInvoiceJour and set the relation CustInvoiceJour.OrderAccount == CustTable_1.AccountNum I then followed the instructions as per Arun instructions but it doesn’t seem to have worked?

Hi Callum,

When you ran the AIF upgrade wizard, it must have created a separate private project. Can you please let us know the following -

  1. Details of objects in this project
  2. Importantly are there any differences in the objects (i.e. whether this wizard made any code changes)
  3. And finally version of your AX

Hi Harish,

You’re correct! It created a seperate, private project.

  1. It contains all the classes that the service needs

  2. It has made quite a bit of code changes although not all classes have been changed.

  3. Dynamics AX 2009

Hi Callum,

Assuming wizard recognized change in the query, now you may need to refresh the AIF services.

Please follow the steps here -

Ahh! I see it in the schema now… But it still doesn’t seem to have added it when I create an invoice. Infact there is nothing that relates to the CustTable that is in my Invoice XML document. I would have thought it would have been a child tag of CustInvoiceJour?

Is it possible my Relation is set up wrong? OuterJoin 1:n on CustTable on CustInvoiceJour.OrderAccount == CustTable.AccountNum