Modifying report but only changing for self (usr) how to change for all?


I have updated the sales invoice report design in AOT/Reports. The report works but it has (usr) next to it, which means only changes made on my settings. How can I deploy teh changes for all users?



All code is shared by everybody; there is just a single AOT for the whole application.

“usr” means that you’ve made changes in the USR layer.

But when other users are trying on their system the changes don’t reflect . Any reason??

thanks in advance !

All users can see the modified changes to the report.

“Usr” is the identification to that object, that it has been customized or newly created apart from standard objects!

Did you Deploy the Report??

Can you see the changes with your login?

That’s what I want to know, how do i deploy, as tried to right click and check and I don’t have deploy option on the report I have changed.


Yes, I can see changed from my login…

Which version of AX are you using?

It seems that you’re talking about MorphX reports and not SSRS reports. MorphX reports are handled by AX itself, not by a separate report server, therefore they aren’t deployed anywhere.

Verify that you and the other users connect to the same AX application. Ask them to restart AX client. If you have other users with access to AOT, verify that they can see the modification in AOT.

Version 2009

Or else Just Restart your AX service and check!

Yeh, didn’t see SSRS option. Only AOT/reports then salesinvoice. I am admin user in finance not in IT sorry about the silly questions.

That sound good! I’ll get the ax restarted tomorrow. I’ll keep you guys posted thanks!

Thanks restarting server worked!

Thanks restarting AX test server worked, other users can see the changes now!